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Attached please find the press release about the asst deal of Renishaw and LBC LaserBearbeitungsCenter GmbH at 01.05.2013.


The Brazilian magazine Plastico Idustrial was writing about the cooperation of Beitrag Brasil and LBC.

Attached please find the press release in Portuguese PDF


LBC is now able to support customers in Brasil directly by BEITRAG Brasil, our local exclusive partner. 
Thilo Beranek
Mobil: 0055 15 8121 0123
Our staff in Germany is also always available to answer any question you may have.
LBC expande suas Vendas para o Brasil 01.09.2011 - Apartir de agora, nossos clientes no Brasil, possuem um contato local direto. A LBC está trabalhando em cooperação exclusiva com a Beitrag Brasil representação.
Thilo Beranek
Mobil: 0055 15 8121 0123

to meet the increased demand for our technical solutions.

LBC is moving the engineering department to a new 200 m² office in Luedenscheid (Germany). Establishing this new office is part of LBC’s commitment to meeting the needs of our customers by providing Tc³ technical solutions. The new office and additional engineering staff will shorten the response time for offers and answers to technical questions.  The new facility also provides a great training and meeting space.

During the K 2010 show in Düsseldorf LBC is introducing the new tc³ Engineering approach.

Tc³ is the new brand for individual, customer specific solutions with conformal cooling and the manufacturing of lasergenerated mold inserts.

Please find attached all the details about Tc³ (Tailored conformal cavity cooling). PDF

Please find attached the EOS press release. PDF LBC will be part of the EOS booth during the K-show 2010.


2010 LBC is supporting the KA-RaceIng team with lasergenerated parts. These parts are directly  built-in the Formula Student racing car. We are pleased to support this team.

Because of the hugh growing request on our service laser generating, we increased the production capacity from week 49/2009 on. Thus we will have 3 EOS M270 available for manufacturing. This decision was done to assure our flexibilty and short delivery times for our customers.