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Lasergenerating describes a layer wise build-up welding process of a metallic powder material by a laser beam. The layer thickness is 20 to 40 µm. The particle size of the metal powder is < 60 µm, in average approx. 25 µm.

Lasergenerating can be realized with different materials. LBC Engineering is mostly using single-component materials. The type of material can be chosen according to the application. When using a single-component material the density  nearly achieves 100%.  Compared to conventional rolling mills steel, the quality of the structure,  is almost 100% reproducible when using Lasergenerating. This is especially important for serial applications and functional parts or components.


Application areas


mass production molds and diecasting with conformal cooling


   conformal cooled insert


Rapid prototyping, the solution for fast needed parts



Rapid manufacturing, the solution for complex geometries, which can not be manufactured conventionally or which can only be realised in a very time consuming way.